July 11, 2017


For Brands, we are the Influencers, For Publishers, we are an Engagement tool,
For users, we are a Savings platform.


When we started with the logical banya, we had only one goal in mind, help user saves money, help brands increase traction and publishers engage, retain users.

It was 2016 then and we marched ahead to pursue the goal. We wondered and brain stormed over the products that would help grow the saving quotient, brand quotient, engagement quotient & add value to all.

The world has changed drastically and so has the users perception. We are seeing the age of loyalty and the need to retain, engage users has become one of the most critical focus for all marketers. The logical banya is here to make your life easier.

Start rewarding your users for all activities and achievements. Rewarding helps users retention go up by 70%. Do you remember the times when you used to go to a birthday party and you used to get a return gift? Now, History will repeat itself, enchant your user with our products. Give them that special feel. Make them connect with you emotionally & eternally.

Now, all those referrals, sign-ups, scores and activities will get rewarded with our “KOUPON BOX”.

Increase traction for you and give your users those extra rewards with our “BANCO”.

Reward, Engage, Retain your users now only with The Logical Banya.